From now on no more reviews can be given in Apple’s Online Store for the products sold there.

In the last days Apple has removed the possibility to leave subjective feedback for a product in the online store worldwide. Previously it was possible, as with Amazon, to publish your personal experiences about a purchase. Apple now completely removed this option.

You can speculate about the reasons. Many smaller products had very bad ratings like the Lightning to 3.5mm audio adapter, which only lasts a few weeks, or the Thunderbolt 2 to 3 adapter, which in principle is not a real Thunderbolt adapter. But we also learned a lot about the compatibility of new products: When LG introduced Ultra Fine Displays for the first time, users shared their experiences with different MacBook models, which was very useful as the interaction between monitor and Mac was not yet mature.

Whether Apple simply resisted criticism or reacted to the increasing number of fake reviews is up to you. In any case, you should get some information about a product before you buy, for example here at our site or at another Apple blog.