Now you can download the latest version of Apple’s Mac operating system macOS: 10.15 Catalina.

You can start the download in the System Preferences under Software Update – the size is about 8 GB.

No more 32 bit under macOS Catalina

With Catalina, Apple introduces a number of new functions, changes and also paints old ones. Probably the most important tip before an update is: no 32 bit apps run under 10.15 Catalia anymore! So if you need an older program for your work, wait with the update. Mojave will get security updates for a few more years, so you don’t have a direct problem.

No more iTunes under macOS Catalina

The most superficial innovation will be that iTunes will disappear completely – at least as a program. Of course, the functions remain the same, Apple only distributes them to different applications:

There’s music for music, Apple TV for movies, and podcasts for podcasts. Of course, the iPhone can still be synchronized, too, directly in the Finder (which sounds incredibly logical, doesn’t it?).

New on board: Arcade and Sidecar

Apple’s game service Arcade is also new on board, as well as a practical function for all those who own an iPad: it can now be used as a second monitor on the Mac with the “Sidecar” function. Of course, you can also use an Apple Pencil for input, for example if you are an artist and want to draw on the Mac. All new features are listed here.

Careful testing vs. curious update

Once again the reference to the omission of the 32 bit support. This can especially affect drivers for printers or scanners. So check before if all your equipment is 64 bit compatible and then switch to 64 bit, this is the least annoying. We wish all Early Adopters a lot of fun!