Apple adds new MacBook Air 2019 and Pro 2019 to Keyboard Repair Program

The two MacBook models updated yesterday are both directly covered by Apple’s four-year keyboard repair program.

The new MacBook Air 2019 with True Tone Retina Display and the new entry-level MacBook Pro with a 1.4GHz quad-core processor come with an updated Butterfly keyboard, but Apple has added both models directly to the repair program. With this you can have your keyboard repaired as often as there are problems. This is possible up to four years after purchase.

Apple wants to keep the trust in the MacBooks, which have suffered a bit with the current keyboard design. The rumors say that the next generation of MacBooks will be delivered with a keyboard of a different design. But if you want to make a new purchase now, you can be sure that a working keyboard will be guaranteed for at least four years.

If your MacBook with butterfly keyboard should cause problems you can get help here on Apple’s support page.

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