In this series we introduce you to commands for the command line of macOS which make life easier and faster.

The command line or the terminal can be found on macOS in the menu bar of your Mac under Go to > Utilities > Terminal. We know many people have never used this type of command prompt before. This is often because a command line, unlike a graphical user interface, does not display the options you can use – you need to know them.

And this is exactly where we want to start: from now on we will show you a command from time to time, so that you at least can act a little on the command line and lose your fear of it.

Today’s command: Create a new folder.

Create folder.
mkdir : make directory

A new folder is the same as a new directory, i.e. a new hierarchy level in the directory structure. Therefore, the command also speaks of “making a new directory”. This will directly create a new folder.

mkdir macandegg

If you are in your desktop folder at the time of the command, the new folder should appear on your desktop as soon as the command is executed.

Now you know how to quickly create a new directory or folder via command line.