MacBook Air display gets brighter with an update

The display of the current MacBook Air 2018 hasn’t been characterized by high brightness yet. Apple has now changed this via software.

As macrumors writes, Apple has changed the brightness screw a bit with the macOS update to 10.14.4: instead of 300 there are now 400 nits (cd/m²) in it. Simply by updating to the current version of the operating system. The relatively dark screen was one of the biggest criticisms of the new MacBook Air compared to the MacBook Pro, whose screen is still better with 500 nits and better color rendering.

Here on the photos you can see a MacBook Pro with 500 nits display and a MacBook Air 2018 with 300 nits display (top photo) as well as the same MacBook Air 2018 next to the expired MacBook Air that didn’t have a Retina display yet. So the higher brightness is a nice improvement. Apple also adjusted the technical data on the product website – the battery life should not have changed.

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