Enable Jumbo Frames on a DrayTek Router

If you have a DrayTek router with gigabit switch, you can manually enable support for jumbo frames.

In network traffic, the data is broken down into pieces and then transported to the receiver in individual parts, the frames. Usually these packets are 1500 bytes long. Jumbo frames increase this size to 9000 bytes and get a bit of performance out of it due to the better ratio of data and protocol overhead.

If you have a DrayTek router, you have to enable this function manually. Log in and open the console (above right the icon with the sliders). There we look for the command port jumbo. Then we have two possibilities: to switch on the function with the honed command “on” and to set the size of these jumbo frames with the command “size”.

We noticed during data transport between two Macs that the size has to be set to at least 9018 instead of 9000. For simplicity’s sake, we set it to the maximum of 9022, which means that data transfer is now a few percent faster without you having to buy any new hardware.

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