Apple shows new iPad Pro videos

Apple has released some new clips that emphasize the benefits of the iPad Pro.

The videos show how to edit videos on the iPad Pro and create music. Also how to plan your wedding and use multitasking.

iPad Pro – Life On iPad – Apple

iPad Pro — A new way to make music — Apple

iPad Pro — A new way to make a video — Apple

iPad Pro — A new way to start your business — Apple

iPad Pro — A new way to travel — Apple

iPad Pro — A new way to plan your wedding — Apple

The iPad Pro is very powerful in terms of hardware and offers many advantages for a certain group of users: those who don’t have to type a lot. If you’re creative on the go, making lots of drawings, or creating a lot of content with apps, iPad Pro can replace a Mac.

Many people who type all day and maybe even program, prefer a Mac. But now Apple has two great tools: All you have to do now is think about what your workflow should look like. Do you prefer a touch screen or do you even need one for your work? Then go for the iPad Pro. Do you prefer a real keyboard and need the functions of the full-grown macOS? Then a Mac is more suitable. As usual: just try it out first and inform yourself about applicable Macs and the different iPad models here.

Here again the hint that you should use a USB-C monitor if you want to use it externally on an iPad. Here we have an overview.

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