New iMacs: Twice as fast and with VEGA GPU

Apple has updated the iMacs: they are now up to twice as fast and can be equipped with a potent Vega GPU.

Both the 21.5″ and 27″ models have become much faster. Both series now have Intel CPUs of the eighth generation. For an extra charge, there are now up to six cores in the small model, the large model comes with up to eight cores.

The good 4K and 5K displays have remained the same, but for an extra charge you get very fast graphics: You can order a Vega 20 GPU in the small iMac (4 GB graphics memory) and a Vega 48 with 8 GB memory in the iMac 27″. As you can see, this is mainly an update of the processor and available graphics. A welcome self-confident one.

Everything else is the same: Case, Bluetooth still with version 4.2, no T2 security chip, no 10 GBit Ethernet. This should be enough for the average user, but if you value the above-mentioned components in their current version, you should take a look at the iMac Pro or (caution: integrated graphics card!) the Mac mini. Please also note that the smallest iMac models still come with a mechanical hard drive. Don’t choose this option in any case.

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