MacBook Air Retina performance right between MacBook and Pro

The first benchmarks for the new MacBook Air Retina are here: computing power is just between that of the smaller MacBook and the MacBook Pro.

It’s also faster than its predecessor, the MacBook Air, which had a 1.8GHz processor. The new Air Retina has gained well over 1000 points in computing power compared to its predecessor. It’s also faster than the 12-inch MacBook, which uses Intel chips which are a generation older. The latter is a little bit faster in the basic configuration than the old MacBook Air.

Faster than its predecessor, a bit slower than a MacBook Pro.

Compared to the MacBook Pros, the MacBook Air has to admit defeat: The four-core model with touch bar is almost four times faster in the multi-core benchmark, even though the Air can keep up with the single-core performance. Compared to the entry-level model without Touch Bar, the distance is much smaller, but represents the price difference.

As hoped, the MacBook Air is faster than its predecessor, faster than the 12-inch MacBook, cheaper and not too far away from MacBook Pro, but still maintains a respectable distance. So it’s actually positioned exactly where it belongs and delivers the right performance for the intended use.

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