Top-of-the-line Mac mini faster than (almost) all other Macs

The Mac mini with a 6-core processor is on top of or overtakes all other Macs, except the iMac Pro with 10 cores.

The first benchmarks can be found on Geekbench. There, the new Mac mini shows what it can do. Equipped with the best 6-core processor, it’s even a bit faster than the current MacBook Pro with the best 6-core processor.

The approximately 1400 dollars you save compared to the MacBook Pro (adapted same options with 512 GB SSD and 16 GB RAM) you can then invest in a good external monitor.

Even with the 2013 Mac Pro, which is still on sale, the Top Mac mini is equal in the multi-core benchmark. It’s even better when it comes to single-core measurements.

In addition, it overtakes all current iMacs – with the exception of the iMac Pro. This machine still shows the small Mac mini why it is named Pro: the ten cores create a performance that is over 12,000 points better than that of the Mac mini.

But in the end, the Mac mini has become a very powerful computer.

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