Apple has introduced a new Apple Watch whose display has increased in size.

apple watch series4 gold stainless steel 09122018

Apple Watch 4 with larger display

The screen of both variants of the Watch have grown somewhat: the small one from 38 to 40 mm, the large one from 42 to 44 mm. This may not sound like nuch, but it’s more than a third bigger. The colours correspond to those of the new iPhone XS: there are Space Grey, Silver and Gold. Hermès and Nike Sport models are also available again.

apple watch series4 ecg crown 09122018

The processor is twice as fast as its predecessor. In addition, the sensitivity of the gyroscope has also been refined. A nice fact: All bracelets of the older Apple Watches are also compatible with the Apple Watch 4.

A new function is the possibility to create an electrocardiogram. Monitoring the heart and recording data for transmission to a doctor is probably the biggest functional step of this model. This has turned a portable smartwatch into a medical device. That’s impressive.