A wonderful way to raise the display of your MacBook (Pro) while maintaining style on your desk is to use the Yohann MacBook stand.

macbook air stand minimalist yohann

Even more so, we want to say that the stand that fits the MacBook Pro (USB-C models), the 12-inch MacBook and the MacBook Air has a design that brings something very elegant to your workplace – besides the MacBook itself, of course. MacBook and Yohann stand play in the same league.

Wooden Stand for MacBook

Wooden Stand for MacBook gold

What makes the holder so special? First of all, the way it is used: The stand is designed in such a way that you open the MacBook and then insert the lower edge into the holder and raise everything together. This may seem a bit unusual at first, but you quickly get used to it and see why it’s done this way: gravity holds the MacBook firmly clamped in the padded recess of the holder by changing position. Since the aluminum bodies of the MacBooks are very stable, a very small contact surface is sufficient. Since the holder is also very filigree, it almost looks like the MacBook is floating, a really very elegant appearance.

Yohann Wooden Stand for MacBook

yohann macbook stand walnut

When you remove the MacBook, you do it the other way around: You carefully fold everything down and then remove the Macbook from the top. After a few days, you’ll like it better than conventional holders, on which you always try to get the MacBook placed straight in some way. With the Yohann, the precise milling defines the position and it always sits perfectly.

Yohann Wooden Stand Manual

In general, the manufacturing quality is superb. Sustainably cultivated wood is shaped by hand by a family business in Italy, treated with wax and then packed by workshops for the disabled. So Yohann makes sure that the entire value chain does not burden the world and ideally even makes it a little better. The packaging also reflects this approach: the box is kept plain white, inside you’ll find the stand and a very well made instruction manual – you won’t find a single piece of plastic. We like that very much, as we have often criticized other types of packaging. Of course, all this has an effect on the price: If you are interested in this MacBook holder, you have to spend at least 159 Euro. We think that this is well invested money under the mentioned circumstances, after all one helps the producing parties to a fair income.

Yohann Wooden Stand for golden MacBook

If the holder is not used in conjunction with the MacBook, it will not stand upright because the balancing weight is missing, but will lie flat on the table. But even unused, it cuts a good figure. The beautiful design is itself enough and it simply looks beautiful due to the beautiful walnut wood we used for testing.

yohann macbook stand

In the original sense, the holder is meant to bring the display of the MacBook to a higher level, so that one can assume a more upright posture. And that works great with an extra keyboard. You can adopt a straight posture and those who always use their MacBook Pro to full capacity will be pleased about the better cooling, as it simply hangs in the air. However, the connection between stand and MacBook, which is only created by gravity, is so stable that you can also type carefully on the MacBook if necessary.

yohann stand macbook air

Our current favorite application has taken place on the coffee table next to the armchair: floating in the Yohann stand you have the MacBook under control, it is at a pleasant height and you can even comfortably operate the trackpad. Maybe a bit oversized compared to an iPad solution, but very good to use. What we’re getting at: The elevated position that the MacBook occupies with the Yohann Stand doesn’t just have to make sense at the desk. It can also work well where the MacBook is always there, but sometimes lies somewhere on cushions or is constantly folded open and closed on the table.

The Yohann stand is something for you if you are looking for a solution for your MacBook that is on the same level in terms of design, can get you excited about clever solutions and are willing to support responsible production. The fact that there is a wonderful wood scent to go with completes the whole package pleasantly.

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The test device was provided to us by Yohann free of charge for two weeks.

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