Free repair: Service program for defective MacBook keyboards

It was becoming appearent, now Apple is taking the side of the customers: A repair program for defective MacBook keyboards is now available.

As usual, Apple waits a while to see if the defects are actually significant, but then decides (and we like our favorite company for that) for a service program. This time it’s the new generation of flat keyboards first introduced in the MacBook Retina 12″ and then making its way into the 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pro models of 2016 and 2017.

The problem with these is that after some time keys can start to jam, issue double repeats or even get completely stuck. This is often the case with the space bar.

Meanwhile, after initial protests, there is also a second generation of the flat keyboard, but this does not seem to mean that it is also fault-free: The service program currently covers all MacBooks with the two new keyboard designs: all MacBooks from 2015 up to currently sold. Anyone who has problems with the keyboard should be satisfied with this. The program is not covered under warranty for four years after purchase, i.e. the oldest models from 2015 are covered until 2019. If you have already had your keyboard repaired, please contact Apple for a refund.

Further details about Apple’s service program can be found here as well as the corresponding contact options.

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