iPad Air now with M1 chip

Apple iPad Air hero color lineup

The new iPad Air comes with M1 chip.

Apple has updated the iPad Air: with the M1 chip.

This means that another iPad is equipped with the Apple silicon chip, which brings with it very high computing power. So that you can recognize the models, the Airs now come in beautiful new colors. But not only has a lot happened in terms of computing power, the devices also get a new front camera with follow mode.

Apple iPad Air usbc

The wireless connections have also become faster: in addition to WLAN 6 (ax), there is now also an optional 5G with up to 3.5 Gbit/s under ideal conditions on board. The USB-C port has also increased: instead of 5 Gbit/s transfer rate it is now 10. A USB-C SSD can now be fully utilized for data transfer.

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