ProRes function not available on iPhone 13 Pro for the time being

Apple iPhone 13 Pro New Camera System 09142021

The iPhone 13 Pro is not ready for professional use yet.

Video professionals who are looking forward to the new iPhone 13 Pro and its use in their own workflow should read the fine print very carefully. Not only do you understandably need an iPhone with enough memory due to the large amounts of data.

In addition, the iPhones are delivered without this feature and Apple will only add it sometime in the fall. This is mentioned on the iPhone page in two words and then again as an asterisk in the fine print.

ProRes fall

For most people this should be relatively unimportant. But if you’re in a video project and are thinking of using the iPhone 13 Pro as a ProRes device right away, and maybe even want to spend about $1,600 for the 1 TB Max model, remember one thing: it can’t do ProRes.

Oh. So. Pro.

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