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Xbox game titles can now be played on iOS devices.

Microsoft’s Xbox cloud gaming service can now also be used on iOS devices – simply via the browser.

Since Apple wanted to take a 30% share of sales, as from every provider, but Microsoft does not participate, the gaming service is now adapted so that it simply runs in the browser – which Apple cannot further restrict in its functions. Whether this is a strategically good or bad decision on Apple’s part is something everyone has to decide for themselves. Of course, the company, like any other, is out for maximum profit. However, Steve Jobs was always of the opinion to make the ecosystem as accessible to everyone as possible, since the programs and apps offered make a platform attractive. The step that has now been taken shows that Apple’s ecosystem can, in principle, also be degraded to the hardware if everything is offered via the browser. And Microsoft can, of course, keep all the profits from the sales.

To try out the Xbox Cloud Gaming service you can simply sign up at . Microsoft charges $1 for the first few months of testing, after which it will be close to $15. Your Apple device must be running at least iOS 14.4 for this to work, and your Internet connection should be at least 10 Mbps (iPhone) or 20 Mbps (iPad).

Since these are full-blown console games, a good controller is of course also useful. We have listed a few for you here.

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We assume that for the gamers among you, that’s it for the work week. Everyone else can try it out on the weekend.

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