Pixelmator Pro 2 download for free

Pixelmator Pro

You can download Pixelmator Pro 2 completely for free.

Currently you can download the image editing software Pixelmator Pro 2 for free and save around $40.

maclife offers in cooperation with Pixelmator the program for free download here. All you have to do is enter your eMail address.

Pixelmator Pro free

Then you will receive an eMail in which you confirm your address with the green button.

Pixelmator Pro Download

After that you can download the app directly.

Pixelmator defines the program, which is offered for free, as a demo version. This means that it will not get any free updates in the future. However, it is not limited in time and also brings all the features of the full version. In addition, it is already optimized for M1 Macs. So this is a good deal for those who only want to edit photos from time to time or want to test the software for a really long time.

Hurry up with the download, we don’t know how long this offer will be available.

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