Brave becomes search engine as well as browser

Brave Search Engine

Brave is now taking the privacy approach not only with the browser, but also with its own search engine.

The Brave browser, of which we have been a fan for quite some time because it pays more attention to privacy than Chrome, for example, and also comes with a well-functioning ad blocker, is also becoming a search engine.

In a blog post, it is announced that they want to build their own privacy-focused search engine. For this purpose, Tailcat was purchased. This search engine was part of Cliqz, a browser that was discontinued in 2020. Shares in Cliqz were held by both the Mozilla Foundation and Hubert Burda Media.

Brave wants to follow the following principles with its own search engine:

  1. Brave Search is private: it does not track or profile users.
  2. Brave Search is user-first: Brave serves the user first, not the advertising and data industries.
  3. Brave Search offers choice: We will provide options for ad-free paid search and ad-supported search. We are working on bringing private ads to search, as we’ve done for Brave user ads.
  4. Brave Search is independent: We will rely on anonymized contributions from the community to improve and refine Brave Search. Prior to this innovation, producing quality results could be achieved only by Big Tech companies, which took many years and tens of billions of dollars to crawl the entire Web continually.
  5. Brave Search is transparent: we will not use secret methods or algorithms to bias results. We will explore multiple community-curated open ranking models to ensure diversity, and prevent algorithmic biases and outright censorship.
  6. Brave Search is seamless: we will offer best-in-class integration between the browser and search without compromising privacy, from personalization to instant results as the user types.
  7. Brave Search is open: we do not believe in walled gardens and, as such, we will offer Brave Search to power other search engines.

So now the knowledge of Cliqz will be absorbed into Brave and become there for another alternative to Google. This is of course always welcome with Google’s supremacy. Those who don’t want to wait that long can immediately turn to DuckDuckGo, Ecosia or Privado.

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