CalDigit SOHO Dock with 4K 60 Hz HDMI Port

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A small and powerful USB-C dock that is constrained by macOS.

CalDigit offers a small and powerful USB-C based dock, the SOHO Dock.

SOHO Port Layout iPad

It offers a USB-C port with up to 10 Gbit/s for the connection to the Mac and another USB-C port for the power supply, which takes up to 100 watts (of which a maximum of 90 are passed on to the computer). A third USB-C port is available for free use and also offers the full data rate. There is also a USB-A port on the front and slots for (micro) SD cards.

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What makes the small dock special is that it provides an HDMI 2.0b signal that offers 4K resolution with 60 hertz refresh rate. This is also available on the DisplayPort 1.4 output. Both ports can be used with full resolution and refresh rate at the same time. Furthermore, different image contents can be displayed on the external monitors under Windows. So you have certain content on your MacBook monitor and then additionally different content on both external monitors. Under macOS this does not work, both external monitors always show the same content. This is because Apple does not support daisy chaining or MST (Multi Stream Transport) of the display port, which is output via USB-C. However, this is only a software limitation: under Bootcamp, the MacBook should be able to use the external monitors differently. Windows is therefore more flexible in this respect. Under macOS, you’ll have to reach for a more expensive Thunderbolt 3 dock to use this feature.


Unfortunately, the small dock lacks an Ethernet port, so you have to connect to the network via WLAN.

For Mac users, the dock is nevertheless practical despite the limitations of macOS: after all, a 4K monitor is sufficient for many, as long as it runs at 60 hertz. The SOHO Dock also works with the iPad Pro with its USB-C port. The weight of the small accessory is a bit over 400 grams, and the price is around $100.

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