Battery exchange for AirPods Max at around $80

Price Battery AirPods Max

You can have the batteries of your AirPods Max replaced.

Since yesterday the AirPods Max are available and as we suspected the battery is permanently installed. But the wireless headphones cost almost $550 and that is an investment even for people who like to spend money for quality. And with these you wonder how long you can use them.

apple airpods max internals 12082020

An essential aspect in this consideration is the fact whether the battery can be exchanged at a fair price. Apple now announces a number: for $79 a new battery is available. This is within a reasonable range and in a suitable relation to the purchase price. Whoever has changed the battery of an iPhone knows that the $50 required for the replacement are not unreasonable due to the effort involved. Nevertheless, it would be more practical if you could do the exchange yourself. But here Apple pays a lot of attention to quality and security as well as to further income.

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