Another alternative Apple TV remote

Universal Electronics Apple TV Remote

More buttons and easier to use.

You love or hate the Apple Remote of the Apple TV with the touch field. The last group is apparently so distinctive that there is now another alternative to Apple’s variant (the first alternative can be found here).

The design of Universal Electronics reminds a little bit of the Amazon fire remotes, but that’s hard to avoid. Finally, besides the navigation ring and the play and fast forward buttons, there are the usual controls for loud/quiet, mute, channel change and voice control. Nevertheless we find the final product quite elegant.

In addition, the model’s keys are also illuminated, which should make operation in the dark very easy. And with this remote control you know immediately where up and down is. According to Universal Electronics, the remote control won’t be available for free sale for the time being – it is intended for cable and internet providers who include an Apple TV with their products. These customers are not expected to buy the original Apple remote control.

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