Use Sony camera as webcam on Mac

Sony A7C Camera

Sony publishes software tool that allows cameras to be used as a webcam.

From now on, Sony digital cameras can also be used as webcams on the Mac. Sony has provided a small additional software called Imaging Edge Webcam for download which allows this function.

Sony Imaging Edge Webcam

With this it is possible to use your existing camera for video conferencing with good image quality and to avoid the relatively bad ones in Macs.

There are quite a lot of Sony models supported, a list provided by Sony can be found here in the picture. System requirement on your side is at least a Mac with macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

Sony Kamera Webcam

Also other manufacturers offer a software tool to give their digital cameras a new field of application – here you can find our matching articles on this topic.


We have tried this with our Sony Alpha 5100 and have to say: it doesn’t work. Not on an iMac with macOS 10.13 (here in FaceTime at least the camera is listed, but the camera does not connect), on a 10.15 Catalina MacBook the camera does not appear at all. Pretty sobering. Does it work for you?

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