RAM Prices Doubled: Be Careful with MacBook Pro Configuration

Macbook Pro Ram Prices Double

Cheap RAM prices were only a dream for a few weeks: Apple doubled them again.

Apple is now charging twice as much for twice as much memory when you buy a MacBook Pro. While jumping from 8GB to 16GB on a MacBook Pro for a few weeks only cost 125 Euros or $100, it’s now 250 Euros or $200.

So if you decide to buy a new one now, you’ll get the much worse deal and you’ll also be caught in the following situation: If you want to opt for a basic MacBook Pro with two Thunderbolt ports, you should be satisfied with the basic configuration, i.e. 256 or 512 GB memory and 8 GB RAM. Once you start upgrading the MacBook Pro, for example with more RAM and a better processor, it’s directly more expensive than the four Thunderbolt port model. But even if you only want more RAM, it’s pointless: between the 2 TB port and the 4 TB port model with 512 GB SSD each, there are only $100 if both have 16 GB RAM. But for this $100 you get a faster and newer processor, better graphics and twice as many ports. The purchase of a basic model upgraded to 16 GB with the SSD capacity is simply pointless.

Simply do not upgrade basic MacBook Pros

Why did Apple decide to take this step? Maybe they waited until we sold the new model with the old (and hopefully reliable) keyboard and simply raised the price. Or maybe many people buy the basic Macbook because it’s already a very good machine, even with the smallest processor. The upgrade to 16 GB RAM simply made it a bit more future-proof. Apple probably wants to avoid this and make you spend more. Our tip: either don’t upgrade the base models at all, or upgrade the 256 GB SSD model to 16 GB at most. For all other configurations, you’ll have to buy the 4 TB port model, because Apple will not treat your fairly as shown above.

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