The older of you can still remember the navigation that was used to navigate the iPod: the Click Wheel.

ipod click wheel app

If you want to revive this feeling, you can now get a corresponding app on your iPhone: Rewound. To get the design of the iPod you have to download a skin after installing the app. This is just a bit annoying, but not complicated – otherwise the app probably wouldn’t have been available in the App Store.

rewound app

We noticed that the skin with the red click wheel works wonderfully (from the developer himself), the third generation iPod skin doesn’t quite fit. Just give it a try. If a skin doesn’t make it possible to adjust anything anymore, you have to uninstall the app and download it again to start all over again.

rewound ipod skin

The navigation through the media on the iPhone works fine, Spotify Support will be provided later. What doesn’t work is playing music videos like on the small iPod display.

Whether you missed the navigation so much that you actually use Rewound as your new music app or just want to remember the good old days, one thing struck us when using it: how unappealing we find the current design of the official iOS Music app.