You are using a TV stick from Geniatech and get the warning from macOS that eyeTV 3 won’t run for long? Don’t panic, they are working on the conversion to a 64 bit version.

You can download a Beta Version from eyeTV 4 now!

With macOS 10.15 Catalina, Apple will give up support for 32 bit apps. Programs that still have to run in 32 bit mode simply won’t start anymore. The use of eyeTV 3 for one of Geniatech’s TV sticks also leads to such a warning.

Geniatech is aware of the problem and is already eagerly testing a beta version of the eyeTV 4 variant, which will then run in 64 bit also under Catalina. Until the release date of macOS Catalina everything should work for normal use.

The change to 64 bit is in progress.

If you are impatient or want to read a bit into the topic, you can do so in the Forum of Geniatech. There are also some more screenshots for the curious.