Archer T3U WLAN Stick for Mac: Dual-Stream ac with 867 Mbps

Looking for an external fast WLAN stick for your Mac? Archer has added a new variant to the T-Series.

It has remained as compact as the T2U model, but has the ability to process with two ac streams, i.e. a maximum gross data rate of 867 MBbit/s is possible – just as much as in the current MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro without TB. So it’s a good way to equip older Macs with very fast Wifi when there’s no cable connection, for example.

TP-Link belongs to the manufacturers (we have already listed more devices here) who also offer macOS drivers for their products, and this is no different with the Archer T3U WLAN Stick. So all you have to do is download the driver and install it.

Buy on Amazon: TP-Link Archer T3U

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