You are looking for a USB-Wifi-Stick, which also comes for macOS 10.14 Mojave with a suitable driver? We have found two manufacturers that you can just fall back on.

And these two are TP-Link and D-Link. TP-Link indicates that the driver for the corresponding sticks is still in beta (but they should be running reasonably well and they are at least working on it), D-Link hides the functionality for macOS 10.14 a bit.

Practical is an external USB stick for Mojave anyway, if your Mac’s internal wireless LAN has failed or if you have an old MacBook equipped with Mojave and its internal WLAN chips are no longer addressable.

TP-Link Wifi USB-Sticks for macOS 10.14 Mojave with Driver

All current USB Wifi sticks from TP-Link should be addressable with the driver also under macOS Mojave. We have listed the corresponding models and the driver here.

D-Link Wifi USB-Sticks for macOS 10.14 Mojave with Driver

D-Link also offers support for Mojave, but only lists this explicitly on the German page. In addition, sometimes the driver versions are not correct or 10.13 is mentioned on the US side while already 10.14 is mentioned on the German side, although it is the same driver. So try it out before using the Wifi Stick in everyday life.

Please pay attention to the revision. There are different versions, so the revision is not unimportant.

For any questions or feedback, please use the forum. You are very welcome!