Zigbee: Philips Hue waterproof motion detector for outdoor use

Philips has recently started to develop weatherproof lamps for outdoor use, and of course a waterproof motion detector is a must.

It matches the design of the Hue outdoor lamps and comes in a discreet black colour. The design is as you would expect it to be and that it fits in well outdoors.

The sensor, which like all Philips Hue products uses the Zigbee standard, has a range of up to 12m. If there are walls in between, the distance will of course be slightly reduced, but if it is placed at the beginning of the driveway, the radio signal should have no problems getting to the house with the bridge. The coverage angles are 80° vertical and 160° horizontal.

The price for such a weatherproof sensor is about 50 Euro. We think this is appropriate, in contrast to the sensors for indoor use, which also cost almost 50 Euros but do not have such a robust and waterproof housing. So if you want to equip your Hue system with outdoor motion detectors as well, there are now sensors available that can withstand the weather.

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