Apple has released a new commercial about privacy on the iPhone.

The spot humorously shows many situations in everyday life where privacy is usually important. In the case of technology, this is probably not quite so pronounced in many cases, because the topic is a bit more abstract, so the introduction with the usual examples is very well chosen and entertaining.

Privacy is important.

Apple has always placed a relatively high value on the privacy of its users and protects them better than other companies, even if security gaps sometimes occur. In the future it will probably become even more important how companies deal with private data, especially if health data is increasingly collected.

Privacy on iPhone — Private Side

Here’s a little tip from us: if you’re serious about privacy, switch your search engine from Google to DuckDuckGo. On the iPhone this is easy to do under Settings > Safari > Search engine. DuckDuckGo only earns money by showing matching ads while searching, but then forgets everything. Google, on the other hand, records everything and saves the data. On the Mac, that’s also possible in Safari under Settings > Search. In a few seconds you will have done a great service to your privacy. For iOS there is also the DuckDuckGo App, which as a standalone browser raises the level even higher.