Pages, Numbers and Keynote get new features

Apple has updated its own Office application. Pages, Numbers and Keynote now offer new features.


Pages can create a new table of contents that makes navigation easier. You can also create templates that you can use in other documents. Of course this can be adjusted via the iCloud. What makes life easy is the use of placeholders instead of photos: you can exchange photos during the creation process without changing the whole formatting. Apple has also improved the collaboration on documents, which should now be faster.


In Numbers the smart categories became faster and easier to use. Here, too, you can create your own templates, similar to Pages, and synchronize them via the iCloud. Those who like to zoom in on their documents can now do so with 400%. The import of data from Excel has been improved. The collaboration function has also been improved here.


In Keynote you can now create animated GIFs. You can let your creativity run its course and are now to blame when the presentation gets boring. Again, you can synchronize your own templates via the iCloud and the collaboration function has been expanded.

So there is every reason to download the new versions of Apple’s Office Suite to your Mac.

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