Anker presents very small USB-C charger with 30 Watt

You think the Apple 30 Watt USB-C power supply is small? Anker shows that it can be even smaller!

The models called PowerPort Atom PD 1 as well as the model from Apple deliver 30 Watt. It can charge iPhones, iPads and 12″ MacBook at full speed. For larger MacBooks, it should at least keep the battery level constant during operation. Charging in standby is of course also necessary, it just takes a little longer – but it doesn’t harm the battery, on the contrary.

Compared to Apple’s model, the anchor is about 40% smaller. According to Anker, this is due to the fact that the components are no longer made of silicon but of gallium nitrite. This is said to have increased efficiency and reduced waste heat losses, making the compact design possible.

It is interesting to note that it is actually smaller than Apple’s model. Up to now Apple power supplies were always pioneers in terms of efficiency and compactness. It seems Anker has done everything to be even better. So if you’re looking for a second travel charger, take a look at Anker. It’s also cheaper than the Apple model.

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