FaceTime: Switch front and rear cameras quickly in iOS 12.1.1

In the latest iOS version 12.1.1 Apple has improved an annoying circumstance: the fast switching between front and rear camera during a FaceTime call.

Apple changed the user interface with iOS 12. In older iOS versions you could simply tap on the small window that shows you and change the camera there. This was not possible in the current 12 version. Here you first had to bring the overlay with the options onto the screen, then tap on the button with the three dots and then switch the camera – very cumbersome.

Apparently, this annoyed so many users that Apple had an insight: From now on you can switch between the front and rear camera again and switch between them if you want to show something to your conversation partner with the other camera. Very nice. Some things are just as good as they are and of course we are happy when they are returned to.

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