New and affordable mesh system: Tenda MW5 and MW5s

Tenda has introduced two new Mesh WLAN systems: The MW5 and the MW5s.

We already showed you the smaller Tenda MW3 set here in a detailed review and had certified the system an excellent performance. The limitation of the small system is the 100 MBit/s port, which does not allow faster data transfer. There is a bit more speed between the radio nodes, but the translation into the wired network is limited.

If you don’t want to reach for the larger Tenda MW6 set, which is also recommendable not only for gigabit ports and a larger covered area, Tenda now closes the gap in the lineup with the two new mesh sets MW5 and MW5s.

The MW5 does exactly what many more serious users have wished for: Gigabit ports on the radio units and thus support for Internet lines and local networks above 100 MBit/s. The radio characteristics should be equal to or better than those of the MW3. MW5 and MW5s do not differ in the base station, but in the two additional radio nodes: Thus the variants of the MW5 each have only one Ethernet port, that of the MW5 each two, which also enables a wired backhaul (return line of the radio data).

We will keep you informed when the two new versions are also available outside of Aliexpress.

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