Made for 5K Monitors: Moshi USB-C to DisplayPort Cable

You have bought a 5K monitor and are now looking for a suitable cable to connect it to your USB-C MacBook? Moshi has one on offer.

Once more important: USB-C refers to the mechanical design of the ports on newer MacBooks, as we have explained here in some detail . To connect a 5K monitor, this port must then still use the Thunderbolt 3 protocol – the MacBook 12″ would not be able to do so.

When can this situation occur? Maybe, if you bought the 5K monitor iiyama ProLite XB2779QQS-S1 . It offers you two DisplayPort inputs, both version 1.4, supporting a maximum of 5120 x 2880 pixels at 60 hertz. So it is possible to connect it with only one cable. You then just have to find one that adapts from the USB-C socket (with Thunderbolt 3 protocol) to a standard DisplayPort plug.

The solution in this case is the Moshi USB-C to DisplayPort cable. So you have only one simple cable from the MacBook to the monitor. It would only be simpler if you could use a simple Thunderbolt 3 cable between the monitor and MacBook – but then the monitor must also understand Thunderbolt 3. That would be the Apple LG 5K Monitor . However, this model costs about twice as much as the mentioned iiyama model. You realize there’s something for every taste and budget.

If you are looking for a solution to connect two 4K monitors at once, have a look at these adapters .

Back to the MacBook Retina 12″: Does the cable work here? Yes, it does, but the maximum resolution is limited by the MacBooks technical capability. The current model supports up to 4K with 60 Hertz, older models do support less.

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