MFI Program: USB-C to Lightning Cables from Third Party Manufacturers?

Apple will soon allow third party manufacturers to produce USB-C to Lightning cables.

eve room: Temperature and humidity monitoring for Home Kit

eve expands the HomeKit compatible smart home series with an air sensor.

Skype now allows the recording of video calls

Skype has a new function: it is now possible to record video calls.

Mac Office 2019 will only support the last three macOS versions

Microsoft will only support the last three current macOS operating system versions for Mac Office 2019.

Chrome turns 10! New Design and new functions

The Google browser is now ten years old. For this anniversary it got a new design and a few new functions.

Logitech MX Ergo: Wireless Trackball for easy operation

If mice are too old-fashioned for you and trackpads don’t fit either, you can choose the third input alternative: A trackball. Logitech offers an ergonomic model.

Speck iPhone Presidio Cases: Anti Microbial and Forever Clear

iPhone case manufacturer Speck has launched two new models, which are not exactly cheap but offer interesting features.

Robust: Beautiful silicone cable protection for Apple cables

Cables often break at the point where the plug ends because the cable is bent too much. A small clip-on cable protector, which also looks good, can help you to keep your cables alive longer.

CalDigit Thunderbolt 3 miniDock with to 4K Display Ports

You almost always need an adapter for the Macbook Pro with USB-C output. All the better when there are meaningful and powerful combinations of outputs in an adapter, as in the CalDigit Thunderbolt 3 miniDock, for example.

Vogel’s motorized and automatically turning TV wall mount

You are tired of manually turning your flatscreen TV back and forth when there are visitors again? Then reach for Vogel’s motorized TV wall mount.