USB-C battery + charger: Anker PowerCore III Elite 25600

Anker PowerCore III Elite 25600 PD 60W

Anker offers a set of Powerbank and USB-C power supply.

A large USB-C Powerbank also needs a strong power supply to be recharged in a short time. Anker therefore offers a Powerbank with 256000 Wh capacity and a power supply with 65 Watt charging power as a set.

This allows the Powerbank to be recharged quickly. If you use the Powerbank to charge your devices, you can achieve almost the same charging power as with the power supply: up to 60 watts are available at the USB-C port, additionally two USB-A ports can be used. Thus the battery pack emits a maximum of 75 watts.

The capacity is designed so that a MacBook Pro 13″ can be fully recharged once – or more often for smaller devices. So if you’re only charging one iPhone, you should be able to do so for about a week. The price is about $150. If you don’t want to exceed the magic $100 threshold, you can also choose the set called Anker PowerCore+ 26800. This set offers similar values, but is limited to 45 watts at the maximum charging power.

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