Keep Ukraine Connected: Donate for Internet Reconstruction

keep ukraine connected

The Internet in Ukraine needs constant repairs.

The Ukraine war has the worst impact on countless areas of life and dealing with it will tie up resources for years to come. An important point that often does not appear in the news is the maintenance and reconstruction of the Ukrainian Internet.

This is – as is usual with the Internet – quite decentralized, but of course it has to be repaired again and again due to the destructive acts of war and nodes have to be reconnected. Communication is of course essential in these times and not only an essential factor for separated families.

The NOG Alliance, founded a few years ago by a few friends, actually aimed to improve the exchange of knowledge and cooperation between Internet providers (Network Operation Groups). Due to the Ukraine war, they are currently using their own expertise to help keep the network in Ukraine running.


They are looking for donations in the form of network technology as well as donations to be able to buy splicers. Damaged fiber optic cables can be reconnected with this expensive special tool. The first devices were already brought to Ukraine, by René Fichtmüller, one of the founders.

Everyone is doing what he or she can to support Ukraine. If you think this project is worth supporting, then donate an amount you can afford to Keep Ukraine Connected. If you can spare some networking equipment, check this list to see if you can help with that.

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