Review: Gigaset Go Box 100 Voip DECT Telephony tested

Gigaset Go Box 100

The Gigaset Go Box 100 is the standard for DECT telephony.

Gigaset Go Box 100


  • good range
  • low power consumption
  • good software
  • fair price
  • easy enough to set up


  • very lightweight

We are testing the Go Box 100 from Gigaset. You should be familiar with Gigaset, the company’s DECT phones are widespread. Many also use them on the FritzBox. But what if you have a different router or a smaller FritzBox without a DECT antenna? Then the Go Box 100 comes into play. It also helps to bring many existing DECT telephones into the new age, for example when you get a new fiber connection.

The Go Box 100 is nothing more than an intermediary between the DECT handsets and the Voice-over-IP telephony offer of your Internet provider. Since the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is used, you can also create several accounts with different providers with the Go Box, for example Sipgate. In addition, many codecs are supported, and we naturally recommend HD telephony on fast connections.

Gigaset Profiles

For the original configuration you should see the good and detailed manual, that Gigaset provides. It offers a lot of functions. However, a lot is not necessary for the first configuration, and you will reach your goal relatively quickly (default password 0000). To help you, we have created two configurations for you as detailed instructions:

Once the box is running, you can put it in a good place for the best radio coverage and more or less forget about it. The radio range is very good. This is probably due to the fact that the very light housing is almost empty except for the antennas. Since the antennas are upright when set up correctly, your apartment is well illuminated, better than with many routers with internal antennas.

In terms of ports, the Go Box 100 has not only the Ethernet port on the side at the back, but also a connection for an old-fashioned telephone connection (which could also be connected to a FritzBox, for example). With the Go Box 100, however, we no longer see any reason not to connect any DECT telephone directly to the network via SIP data.

Go Box Ethernet

The Go Box can not only be configured via the web interface, it is also possible to do the whole thing with the handset. It helps that many providers already have profiles that simply ask for the right data (password) etc. Normally the setup should be completed quickly.

Gigaset Voip Assistant
Go Box 100 Menu

The base station needs around 1.5 watts in everyday use. A better radio range through an additional device that is separate from the router is not bought with much more power consumption. Instead, you get more flexibility when choosing your router for your home network, since you are no longer dependent on a device with an integrated DECT part.

Go Box rubber feet

The only disadvantages that are not really serious in everyday life are that the web interface is a bit slow (but how often do you set something there) and that the base station is so light that the network cable likes to tell you how is boss and pushes the box off the shelf. But that is not serious and once the base station has found its place, it is probably never worth thinking about again.

We think the Go Box 100 is the standard solution for today’s DECT telephony. Good radio range, extremely low power consumption, relatively easy setup, regularly maintained and mature software, many options. In addition, the price is not really high. So you can easily access DECT telephony.


Short review of the Gigaset E630

Since we also needed another DECT phone, we grabbed the E630 because it looked good. Only then did we realize that it has some interesting properties: it’s shockproof, dustproof and water-resistant according to IP65, so handy if you use it in the workshop or in the garden. It lies very well in the hand, because not only are the buttons on the front easy to press, but the back is rubberized. So it almost never slips out of your hand.

Gigaset E630

Gigaset E630 LED

In addition, the phone has a small LED built in on the top that can be used as a flashlight. What is already practical with the iPhone is also a useful small additional function with this DECT.

Gigaset E630A Duo – Durable Landline Phone with Answering Machine, 1 Additional Handset Included, Water Splash and Dust-Resistant, Cordless Phone for Craftsmen and Mechanics (Black, Pack of 2)
Gigaset E630A Duo – Durable Landline Phone with Answering Machine, 1 Additional Handset Included, Water Splash and Dust-Resistant, Cordless Phone for Craftsmen and Mechanics (Black, Pack of 2)*
by Gigaset
  • Long-lasting and robust – thanks to the surface, these phones are the perfect device for gardeners and DIY enthusiasts. The handsets' surface is water splash, shock and dust resistant (IP 65).
  • Brilliant sound system – the handsets allow switching between an in- and outdoor profile. Sound control via side key for a perfect sound even in noisy environments.
  • Functional and practical – the handsets have a hands-free function which allows its user to keep working whilst talking. In addition, the vibration makes sure to perceive every call.
  • Made in Germany – Gigaset products are manufactured in Germany, with the highest quality standards. Through the ECO DECT technology, the devices have long battery life.
  • Contents include: 2 handsets, 1 base station, 2 base chargers, 2 belt clips, 4 AAA rechargeable batteries, 3 power supply units, 1 telephone cord, 1 user manual.
List Price: $ 169.98 You Save: $ 14.98  Price: $ 155.00 Buy on Amazon*
Price incl. VAT., Excl. Shipping
Last updated on 30. March 2022 at 16:55 - Image source: Amazon Affiliate Program. All statements without guarantee.

We won’t go any further into the E630’s well-engineered and clear menu navigation. Anyone who knows a Gigaset knows them all – and that’s a good quality. So if you want a Gigaset DECT handset that can handle rough handling, the E630 is a good choice.

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