Kaspersky and Keenetic routers: Russian software compromiseable

BSI russische Software

Russian software is no longer trustworthy in the current war situation.

The German Federal Office for Information Security BSI expressly warns of the use of Kaspersky virus protection products. Doubts about the reliability of the manufacturer are cited.

State-owned companies could be obliged to carry out cyber attacks

Due to the Ukraine war that Russia started, it can be assumed that the Russian state will exploit its opportunities and put pressure on the country’s own manufacturers of software products to use their infrastructure for cyber attacks. War is waged on multiple levels and cyberattacks are a real threat.

The caution here does not necessarily apply to the business practices of Kaspersky itself, which are considered to be a reliable and trustworthy company. The problem is the Russian state. This not only controls the state media and locks up its own compatriots at demonstrations. The reason for this is that Russia can easily adopt competent companies for attacks on the Internet. One should act as quickly as possible and replace software whose creators are in the Russian sphere of influence as quickly as possible.

Keentic router with Russian software

This also applies to Keenetic routers. These inexpensive routers convince with their extensive software and the low price. The products are created in cooperation with Zyxel, a well-known manufacturer of networking products, and NDM Systems, which supply the software. However, the latter has its headquarters in Moscow and therefore one should assume that routers with Russian software can no longer be classified as secure. The company’s Github page, where the operating system was available as an open source version, has since disappeared.

The public parts of the software are available again on github. Likewise, the Keenetic development now takes place in Germany.

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