Wall mounts and (battery) bases for the HomePod mini

HomePod mini Tripod

Put your HomePod mini at the wall to save space.

The HomePod mini is a little versatile smart speaker. But maybe you have a little trouble finding the right place for it – it has to be in the area you want to use it and sometimes there is little space to put the HomePod.

In this case, you can use a wall mount for the HomePod mini. You just fix the mount to the wall an then put the HomePod mini into it – and out of the way. There are lots of different versions for this tasks.

The more simple ones are just designed for the HomePod mini itself. Some other ones have also a space for the power supply and therefore can just be plugged into the power outlet with the HomePod attached.

If you want to use your HomePod outside, you can do so with a battery stand. With that a few hours of music are possible – if you Wifi reaches far enough.

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