Review: Conference speakerphone eMeet Luna with Bluetooth tested

eMeet Luna top

The eMeet Luna is a great choice if you need a Bluetooth conference speaker.

eMeet Luna Bluetooth Conference Speaker


  • very good voice quality
  • top case quality
  • simple and sophisticated operation
  • good ambient noise suppression
  • good battery life


  • limited suitability as a music solution

We have been looking for a good conference speaker for a longer time. These come in handy if you’re doing a phone or video conference, for example, and you’re sitting around a table with several people. They’re also extremely handy if you have a more professional setup and the camera and screen are a few feet away from where you’re sitting: the speaker and microphone can then be placed right in front of you to deliver the best audio quality. After making many test calls with users of other devices, this one proved to be excellent: the eMeet Luna.

Nice finish, great usability

You may not know the company, and the Chinese manufacturer seems to only specialize in these audio solutions (and a few webcams). After all, this is a common thing lately: a company that offers only a few products, but produces them in a very polished way. And that’s what we see with the eMeet Luna: it’s a product that simply works and doesn’t annoy you. It actually makes digital life a bit more pleasant.

eMeet Luna Ports

This starts with the usability and the casing quality: the small, round device has a certain inherent weight and is milled from solid aluminum. The design is nice to look at and also somewhat timeless due to the minimalistic design. You can also see the quality on the underside: three microphones are embedded on the bottom (so you shouldn’t put it on a soft surface like a sofa, for example. It also works but sound is muffled), plus there are rubber feet and even a recess for the small included Bluetooth dongle.

eMeet Luna bottom

eMeet Luna Mikrofon

Buttons are available for all important functions, such as on/off, loud/quiet, microphone mute, Bluetooth, accept/reject call and an extra button for noise cancellation. This makes it possible to operate the device without getting lost in the amount of buttons. On/off is self-explanatory. The Bluetooth button is held for a few seconds, as with any other device, to turn on pairing mode. Convenient: if you press it once while the device is connected, the speaker decouples so you can pair it with another device. This saves searching in the iPad’s menu, for example – it’s done with one press of a button.

eMeet Luna Buttons

The volume up/down and the microphone mute don’t need any explanation, but the small button on the left that activates the noise cancellation is more interesting. It filters out annoying ambient noises that you don’t want in the call. For the price of a bit of volume reduction, you actually get surprisingly good audio quality: Both a fan in the background and keyboard typing during a call disappeared almost completely from the sound – fantastic.

eMeet Luna LEDs

There are five LEDs on the top for displaying the most important functions. They indicate battery level and incoming calls with green, a muted mic with red, and when noise cancellation is turned on, one LED turns magenta. It is very well thought out and even without reading the user manual you immediately understand what is meant here. A small detail where you notice that the developers have really thought about.

Excellent voice quality for a 16 bit 16 kHz Bluetooth connection

But not only the outgoing audio quality is very good, also the playback of incoming calls is super. You can clearly notice that the device has been optimized for good speech intelligibility. Voices always sound full and not dry, as known from some cheap devices. The volume can also be increased far enough so that everyone understands something when several people are present. Pairing with other devices should not be a problem: Bluetooth is available (an extra dongle is even included for older devices), 3.5 mm jack and USB-C as well. According to the manufacturer, two devices can also be connected when sitting at a longer conference table (not tested). The battery runtime was between six and eight hours in our test.

eMeet Luna Microfone 16bit 16 kHz Bluetooth

eMeet Luna 16bit 16 kHz

eMeet Luna Loudspeaker 48 kHz

When the eMeet Luna is used as a conference speaker with microphone function, the device switches to 16 bit audio with 16 kHz sampling rate each for the incoming and outgoing mono channel (HFP 1.6 wide band speech mSBC codec). This audio quality is the current maximum for bidirectional connections via Bluetooth. Although this is still far from optimal, the eMeet manages to reproduce conversations so well that you don’t have the feeling that the quality is limited. If you then use the device for music playback after work, it switches to the full 32 bit at 48 kHz. If you don’t have another speaker at hand, you can definitely use the eMeet Luna for listening to music for a short time or for quiet background sprinkling. Louder is also possible, but then the optimization of the frequencies to the mid-range for speech reproduction is clearly noticeable. This is not a criticism and also very praiseworthy, it should only show you that the device is only limited suitable as a music box.

Super Bluetooth conference speaker

The eMeet Luna is a top investment for working at home or video telephony sessions, where the whole family talks at the same time. The device is easy to use, offers super voice quality, good battery life and has a fair price. If you can do without the extra Bluetooth dongle, just take the “Lite” version, which is a bit cheaper.

Bluetooth Speakerphone – eMeet Luna Computer Speakers with Microphone w/Enhanced Noise Reduction Algorithm, Daisy Chain, w/Dongle USB Speakerphone for Home Office, 360° Voice Pickup for 8 People
Bluetooth Speakerphone – eMeet Luna Computer Speakers with Microphone w/Enhanced Noise Reduction Algorithm, Daisy Chain, w/Dongle USB Speakerphone for Home Office, 360° Voice Pickup for 8 People*
by Shenzhen eMeet technology Co.,Ltd.
  • New Background Noise Reducting Technology & Speech Enhancement - eMeet Luna Bluetooth Speakerphone features exclusive updated VoiceIA technology, eliminating background noise such as air conditioning noise, keyboard clicks, & general background noise. With the auto-vocal-increase function, this USB conference speakerphone is able to identify the distance of the sound source, automatically adjust the sound volume to realize self-volume balance, and provide a smooth and clear call experience.
  • Daisy Chain For Up To 12 Attendees – With eMeet cascading cable, you are able to daisy chain Luna USB speakerphone with another Luna speakerphone to expand the effective meeting space. The cascading function makes Luna conference microphone and speaker more flexible to easily work well for small meetings (under 8 attendees) to medium and large meetings (up to 12 or more participants). (Note: Daisy chain cable needs to purchase separately.)
  • Multi-Microphone Array & 360 ° Pickup - 3 Microphone array equipped with self-developed VoiceIA algorithm technology to realize 360 ° free pickup and the maximum volume of the speaker was increased to 80dB making Luna Bluetooth conference speaker easy to apply to a larger conference room. This conference microphone and speaker was made to be full-duplex ensuring your remote conference call will not be interrupted and help you enjoy smooth calling experience.
  • Various Connection Mode & Strong Compatibility - USB, Bluetooth, AUX, Dongle Connection are all your choices to connect Luna conference speaker with your devices. With the dongle, Luna speaker phone can be paired automatically pairing PCs and solve the problem of Bluetooth compatibility of PC to ensure stable connection. No driver needed, plug and play. It is also compatible with various platforms, including Zoom, Skype for Business, WebEx, etc. No matter Win or Mac could be easily connected.
  • Stylish & Intimate Design – eMeet Luna conference speaker adopted advanced sandblasting process making full-metal and matte color shell so that Luna Bluetooth speakerphone could more integrate with your office design or home office. Dongle slot and portable design allow you to carry Luna USB speakerphone all round and hold a meeting anywhere you want without losing the dongle. Whether you are in the office, at home, or on a business trip, Luna Speakerphone helps you fulfill a smooth calling.
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Last updated on 4. August 2021 at 6:06 - Image source: Amazon Affiliate Program. All statements without guarantee.

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