ifixit shows M1 iMac 24″ from inside

iMac M1 ifixit

The logic board in the new 24″ iMac has shrunk even further.

ifixit shows us the inside of the new 24-inch iMac: Not surprisingly, the internal electronic components are getting smaller.

For example, the logicboard is very small, about the size of the one in the MacBook Air. To the left and right of it, there are two fans and a couple of speakers, and that’s basically it.

iMac 2422 Logicboard

The rest of the case is taken up by flat metal enclosures – the resonating chambers for the speakers, presumably. Also interesting: the whole front, including the colored strip under the display, is one piece and can be removed after loosening the connecting adhesive.

Interestingly, the iMac now comes with two small button cells to store the time, for example. Ifixit will reveal why there are now two in a later article.

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