Netflix increases prices in Germany

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Netflix raises prices by a few euros.

Everyone sits at home and streams their entertainment. At the same time, of course, they have to make sure there is new content. This has now led to an increase in prices at Netflix.

The basic rate with poor resolution (or at least sufficient for mobile) remains untouched. However, the other two tariffs will now become more expensive by one and two euros respectively

  • Standard (1080p, 2 users): now 12.99 instead of 11.99 euros
  • Premium (4K, 4 users): now 17.99 instead of 15.99 euros

Thus, the offer of the first really big streaming service also increases somewhat in price. Our savings tip, if you want to keep Netflix but still not necessarily the increase is to switch from the premium offer to the standard offer, if the number of users makes it possible for you. Many interesting productions are not even available in 4K. And if they are, the difference to 1080p is not that big. Of course, 4K is better, especially in combination with HDR, but when it comes to costs, this is where we would first save out money.

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