ifixit Teardown AirPods Max

Apple AirPods Max ifixit

The inner design of the new AirPods Max is also beautiful.

The new AirPods Max from the inside: ifixit shows it to us. As expected, the technology in the beautiful aluminum casing is very well thought-out and already arranged.

Apple AirPods Max Disassembly

Due to the size, it is not quite as compact as an Apple Watch or an iPhone. You can clearly see the large drivers and the respective boards with all the electronics. The covers of the AirPods Max are fixed with light glue, but can be removed.

After that, you also have immediate access to the small built-in batteries on the right and left side. Changing the battery is not impossible and we assume that Apple will not simply throw away the entire headset when you return it for service – unlike the small AirPods.

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