M1 Final Cut, graphics, SSD: Fast, fast, fast

Apple new macbookpro wallpaper screen 11102020

The performance Apple promised with the M1 chips is real.

There are further measurements that confirm the very good speed of Apple’s M1 chip and other components.

For example Tom’s Hardware has measured the graphics unit. Apple’s M1 proves to be faster than a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and a Radeon RX 560. It is impressive that these graphics solutions are not the fastest on the market, but are in themselves significantly faster than Intel’s integrated graphics solutions. So Apple hasn’t promised too much in the graphics performance of the first generation M1.

Apple Silicon M1 Cinebench

This is also reflected in a first Cinebench measurement: a MacBook Pro achieves 7508 points in the Multi Core and 1498 points in the Single Core, which is above the performance of a 16″ base model, which comes up to 1113 points in the Single Core and 6912 points in the Multi Core benchmark. First measurements using Final Cut in real life also show a better performance. Exporting video has become faster. The performance advantage is about 25%.

The fact that Apple is still positioning the current M1 computers as entry-level devices, since they still have the limitations mentioned here, should provide an interesting future when the upcoming Apple Silicon variants become even faster.
Almost needless to mention that SSDs have also become faster. For example, an SSD in a MacBook Air now achieves over 2100 MB/s when writing and over and 2600 MB/s when reading. Increased speed wherever you look.

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