iPhone 4S exploded view as a work of art

GridStudio iPhone 4S Art Piece Framed

Transform an old iPhone 4S into an art piece.

The iPhone 4S is a true classic and many of us might still have one. But instead of leaving it lying around in a drawer or even giving it for recycling, Grid Studio turns it into a work of art.

GridStudio iPhone 4S Art Piece Bike

Engineers may know exploded views, and other technically interested people may not be completely unfamiliar with them. This representation of a technical device shows all components in an overview. And with this framed beauty, you don’t just limit yourself to the technical drawing, but view the real parts of a disassembled iPhone.

GridStudio iPhone 4S Art Piece Detail

GridStudio iPhone 4S Art Piece Detail Description

Apple’s iPhone and Macs have always been as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. And now that you can take apart a classic at low prices and without a guilty conscience, it is even more beautiful to see that an old smartphone can actually turn into a work of art that is worth hanging on the wall.

Check out Grid Studio here if you like the idea.

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