Set intervals: Change Time Machine backup times

Time Machine Editor

The TimeMachineEditor makes Time Machine behave like you want it.

You want to know how to change the backup intervals in Time Machine? No problem! We show you a small tool that allows you to set your own backup times.

Unfortunately Time Machine only offers the possibility to switch on or off automatic backups. If activated the system makes a backup every hour. This is sometimes very useful, often annoying and mostly not really tailored to your particular usage situation. Therefore it would be useful to set your own backup intervals. With our backup solution suggested here it would also work.

TimeMachineEditor compensates Apple’s laziness

The first step is to disable Time Machine’s automatic backups in System Settings > Time Machine. Then, download the Tool TimeMachineEditor. With this tool you can set individual backup periods, just like with professional backup tools like Arq.

The practical thing about it: the tool does not always have to run in the background, but only when you want to change a setting – a “set it and forget it” scenario, so to speak. All in all, a really great tool that adds functionality that should have been there from the beginning.


Note that Apple wants to force developers of free software tools to pay an annual fee. Most refuse to do so. We also find this absurd, since the ecosystem lives from fantastic tools. In the case where a developer refuses to pay (and that’s probably almost all of them with such small, handy tools), you will be annoyed by the operating system for a moment, but you can still install. Just don’t double-click the installer (this will result in an error message), but click the right mouse button. Then click “open” and then click “open” again.

If you are convinced of the usefulness of the tool, support the developer Thomas with a small PayPal donation.

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