HomeKit camera prices are approaching an area that can be called quite affordable. Anker’s sub-brand eufy now launches two new models for indoor use, which are currently even available with a 20% introductory discount: this means that the simple model is just over $30.

Both offer 2K resolution (i.e. 1080p, but it sounds a bit better) and from mid-July on HomeKit compatibility. The cameras store on the internal SD card (not included) or in the eufy cloud (fee required). So there are two models, suitable for monitoring children for example, or in later interaction with HomeKit for notifications.

eufy indoor moving HomeKit camera

The slightly more expensive model has a pivoting optic and can therefore follow moving objects – quite practical. Both cameras need a connection to the mains, so they are not battery-powered. This makes them relatively cheap, but also requires a static place for both.

If you want to take the really cheap introductory price with you, have a look on Amazon (already available in EU, other countries following).

eufy 2K HomeKit Camera:     Amazon

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