Anker PowerPort III 3-Port USB-C 65 Watts Power Supply

Powerport Iii 3 Port 65w Charger

An Anker USB-C power supply with 65 Watt charging power and two additional USB-A ports.

Anker has a nice charger in its portfolio if you need to charge several devices at once.

The Anker PowerPort III 3-port USB-C 65W charger offers a total of 65 watts of charging power divided into three ports: one USB-C (with a maximum of 45 watts) and two USB-A (with a maximum of 4 amperes in total, individually max. 2.4 A). Therewith, many devices can be charged relatively quickly. MacBook and MacBook Air users won’t notice any difference in the USB-C port. Users of the 13-inch MacBook Pro should only notice under extreme load that it charges the battery a bit slower because the original power supply has 60 watts.

Powerport Iii 3 Port 65w Charger Plugs

The 16-inch MacBook Pro’s power supply has almost 100 watts, but if you’re not using your MacBook Pro to full capacity, for example, if you’re just surfing the web or charging your MacBook in standby mode, the 45 watts may be enough.

Powerport Iii 3 Port 65w Charger Anker Plugs

The fact that it also offers USB-A in addition to the USB-C ports is not so bad. After all, Apple has been shipping USB-A cables to its own devices for a long time and the port will still be very present in the next ones. Very handy come the three different exchangeable plus for three parts of the world.

The power supply is less than $50 and is therefore a good choice as a second power supply, for example for travel.

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