Golden Lightning Cable from Anker for $100

Anker 24k Gold Cable Usb C Lightning

Anker offers a 24k gold plated cable. For those who already have everything – material.

We are usually fans of Anker because they bring good products to the market that are absolutely worth the price. But now the company surprises us with a gold plated cable (24k) that comes in a gift box and bag.

Anker 24k Gold Cable Usb C Lightning Plating

This is a USB-C to Lightning cable that supports quick charging for iPhones. The question is whether Anker is really serious about this or if this is just an elegant PR stunt.

In any case: if you simply want a cable that is at least gold in colour, you will get off much cheaper (see link).

Golden Anker Cable:   Amazon (sane)   Amazon (insane)

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